Spy Camera – Because Inquiring Minds Want to Know?

The Spy Camera – Covert Security Cameras

The Spy Camera – Is There Really A Need?

spy cameraOur society is fascinated with the idea of having a spy camera.  I make this statement based on the number of searches for the term “spy camera” each month on Google.  I understand the appeal as it draws us back to the days of Sean Connery and James Bond.  I do question whether there is a relevant need for the spy camera.

I’ve read several spy camera articles, and honestly, the majority of the reasons given to use one don’t make sense.  Reasons provided included everything from protecting your home and family to watching animals in the barn (yes, that’s correct).  A typical home security system could meet all these purposes and more.

The only legitimate use of a spy camera is to catch an individual in the act of doing something.  If a manager were treating you badly at work, perhaps that would justify the use of a spy camera.

I don’t want to discourage you from getting a spy camera if that’s what your heart is set on.  There are a few things you should consider prior to making that purchase.

Do you have a legitimate need? Do you need to “catch someone in the act” versus preventing the unwanted behavior before it occurs?

Do the laws of your state allow the undisclosed recording of other individuals? Would your actions be judged an invasion of personal privacy?  If you needed the recorded information for legal purposes, would your “evidence” be thrown out of court?

Does your employer have any company rules or policies that govern the use of such devices on their property?

The Spy Camera – What is it?

spy cameraThe “spy camera” is a term referring to any variety of hidden cameras used to record another’s actions or behaviors.  A spy camera may be hidden in a pen, in a ball cap, or in a tie clip.  It may be hidden in a variety of locations and comes in a wide variety of sizes.  I’ve seen everything from spy cameras hidden in towel racks to, to wall clocks, to stereo speakers.  They can literally be hidden anywhere.

The reason I question the need for a spy camera is because its only purpose it catch someone “in the act.”  This does not prevent undesired behavior, but only records it as it occurs.  If you actually want to prevent the undesired behavior, the spy camera is probably an ineffective tool.

Again, there may be legitimate reasons for having a spy camera.  A private detective comes to mind, as well as law enforcement personnel.

It just seems that in most security or protective applications, the ability to see the camera serves as a deterrent.  A hidden “spy camera” does not have that same preventative affect.

The Spy Camera – Do You Need to Catch Them In The Act?

spy cameraOne key to preventing crime and/or undesired behavior is to have something that serves as an active deterrent.  When a person knows they are being recorded, that knowledge serves to limit or eliminate certain behaviors.  A person is not going to steal out of the cash register when they know their every move is recorded.

A spy camera – or any other hidden camera for that matter – records activity as it occurs.  The crime is being committed as it is recorded; there is no crime prevention.  An item is stolen, someone is injured, etc.  It’s too late – the dirty deed is done.

With an installed security system in place, the majority of your spy camera needs are met.  Video surveillance deters crime.  If your desire is to “catch someone in the act,” a hidden camera may be appropriate.  But if your goal is crime prevention, an installed security system should be your focus.

The Spy Camera – What Do You Really Need?

spy cameraYou can have peace of mind knowing that all your “spy camera” needs are met.  You can have peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken positive action to protect your business, home and family.

With today’s technology, you can access your security videos live at any time, from anywhere in the world.  You can check in on your children at any time.  You can use your security videos to monitor your babies in their beds.  You can have a 24/7 feed of your employees at work.

Don’t waste your time or money on a hidden camera system that won’t protect your home or business.  Invest in an installed security system now and rest easy knowing your home and business are protected.

The Spy Camera – Get Expert Advice Now!

spy cameraDon’t wait.  Don’t put it off.  Get expert advice now.  Protect your home and/or business.  Know the peace of mind afforded by an installed security system.

Protecting your home and business is easy and it’s feasible.  Installed security systems have never been as flexible and affordable as they are today.  Don’t discover their value after it’s too late.

My intention is not to discourage you from buying a “spy camera” if that’s what you want.  Perhaps its something you really need.  However, if you’re real interest is in protecting your home and family, or your business, focus on prevention, not on “spying.”

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Get yourself a “spy camera” if that’s your heart’s desire.  But if you value your home and/or your business, get an installed security system today that protects them best.

Thank You!

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