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NOTE: Electricity Maine is an electricity supplier in the State of Maine.  I am not affiliated with, nor do I represent, their organization.  I use the term “electricity Maine” solely as a search term for this post.

Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – The Power to Choose

electricity maineIt seems like everyone wants lower Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates.  Indeed, everyone in Maine, if not the entire country, wants lower electricity rates.  Who can blame them?  Electricity is a commodity that everyone uses and pays for.  It only makes sense to want the lowest or cheapest electricity rates possible.  I think most people throughout the country would appreciate a lower electricity bill – I do.

I assume you’re looking for the cheapest electricity rates in Maine.  I switched my energy supplier in 2016 and enjoyed a 40% reduction in my electricity bill.  I’d like to help you enjoy a similar reduction in your Maine electricity bill if possible.  You can visit the Maine Public Utilities Commission’s (MPUC) website and identify the retail electrical energy supply companies licensed in Maine.  There are various websites that will allow you to compare various Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates.  Before you go and jump on the cheapest electricity rate out there, know this – all that glitters is not gold.

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Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – A Brief History of Electrical Energy Supply & Deregulation

electricity maineIn the mid-1990’s, commercial electricity generators (commercial utilities) were deregulated across the country.  Purdue University has a good presentation on the history of electrical energy deregulation here – Electric Utilities, Deregulation and Restructuring of U.S. and Restructuring of U.S. Electricity Markets.

Electrical utilities previously held a monopoly in the industry.  Electricity generators could decide to build power plants whenever they wanted.  They were then able to request a rate increase to cover the cost.  Whether the project came in on time or on budget was irrelevant.  Whatever the cost, the utility was able to transfer that cost to consumers via a rate increase.  If you lived or had a business in the utility’s service area you were stuck.  You paid whatever electricity rate the utility charged and had little say in the matter.

In the mid-1990’s, energy generators were deregulated, both electricity and natural gas.  Electrical utilities had to put their electricity up for bid in public auctions.  Now, supply and demand would dictate the cost of electricity.  In addition, utility deregulation also opened up new opportunities for independent electrical energy suppliers.  Electrical energy service providers started to pop up all over the country.  These organizations were able to purchase electricity at market rates and then sell it to consumers for profit.  Currently, 20 states that have fully implemented competitive electrical utility markets.  These markets allow consumers choices and options when it comes to selecting an electrical energy supplier.

Maine is one of the states that has implemented utility deregulation and has access to the benefits market competition provides.  Residential consumers and business owners now have options when it comes to finding competitive Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates.  My goal is to help you take advantage of deregulation such that you can find competitive electricity rates in Maine (electricity Maine).

Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – Your Electricity Bill

electricity maineThe Central Maine Power Company and Emera Maine appear to be two of the main electrical utilities in Maine.  If you choose another electrical energy supplier, you will get the same bill from your current utility.  The only changes should be regarding the “Supply” section of your bill.  Your electrical energy supplier and your new rate per kilowatt/hour (kWh) will be displayed.  But it’s the same bill and nothing else changes.  If you currently get your bill from Emera Maine, you’ll still get the same bill from them tomorrow.

One thing that is important for you to understand is that your new Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rate will only be reflected in what you pay for your electricity supply.  You still must pay the associated transmission and distribution (T&D) charges and fees.  Those charges will not be changed by your new electrical energy service provider.  But you will have a new Maine electricity rate.

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Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – Cost Affects Rates

electricity maineAll electrical energy providers have to purchase their electricity at market rates.  Their goal is to sell the electricity for profit.  None of these companies are in business to lose money.  If the electricity rate is too low, there is no way for the organization to profit.  An electrical energy provider cannot offer a rate that is less than their cost.

There are many aspects that go into determining an electricity rate.  Generation costs are one factor.  The cost of electricity generation is dependent upon how the electricity is generated.  Whether generated by nuclear, fossil, wind, solar, or other – it all plays a part in determining the cost.  Electricity rates are also dependent upon population density.  The higher the population in an area, the more demand is generated.  Supply and demand impacts rates.  The higher the population, the more cost to support gird infrastructure.  The time of year the electricity is purchased, as well as ongoing weather conditions, can impact cost.  All of these things and more go into determining Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates.  The “take away” is that the cost of electricity can vary and change for any number of reasons throughout the year.  The lowest electricity rate a provider can offer is limited by their cost.

Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – Use Caution When Choosing a Provider

electricity maineYou should know that no electrical energy provider could promise you the lowest or cheapest Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates.  Many do; however, you need to read the fine print associated with their offer.  There may be hidden fees and charges.  The service term may be limited, after which, the rates increase.

If any provider’s Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rate is especially low, how do they gain profit?  This should be a red flag for you to evaluate the provider before acquiring the service.  As the old saying goes, “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.”  Use caution when choosing your Maine electricity (electricity Maine) provider.  I am hoping this is where I can be of assistance.

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Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – DTS Global, Ltd.

electricity maineThe name of my company is DTS Global, Ltd.  I am an independent business owner operating an online business.  I do not personally represent any electrical energy supplier.  I work with an organization who broker’s contracts with various providers on a variety of services.  Electricity and natural gas supply are only a few of the services we offer.  Everything on this blog is based upon my own personal opinion and experience.  This blog does not reflect the view or position of any other organization or company.  My commitment to you is that I’ll represent your best interests with honor and integrity.  You will never pay a dime for my services and I will always be looking out for you.

If you choose to use my service, you will not be subject to any hidden fees or service charges.  I am not only an independent business owner; I am also my own customer.  I can tell you first hand that the organization I work with has delivered everything they have promised.  My electrical energy supply organization is trustworthy and reliable. They do not gouge their customers.  They provide cost-effective Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates.

Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – Switching Electrical Energy Suppliers

electricity maineFirst of all, switching to a new electrical energy service provider is easy.  You do it yourself, from the comfort of your own home.  You need to have a copy of your current electricity bill handy.  You simply go to the associated website, pick your plan, fill out the application, confirm your order, and you’re done.

There is no gap or stop in service, and you won’t get a new bill.  Your electrical service will continue as it always has.  The only difference will be one line on your bill and your new Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates.

Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – Some Personal Experiences

electricity maineSome people have concerns and/or misgivings related to switching to a new electrical energy supplier.  I’ve heard a few horror stories, and I’ve got a few of my own.

I first switched over my service to a new electrical energy supplier in 2008.  I won’t name the company, because that would be unprofessional.  But they came to my door, direct-selling their electrical energy service, promising me a discounted electricity rate.  I didn’t search for any other providers.  They had a good electricity rate and I elected to use them as my electrical energy supplier.

I paid little attention to my electricity bill, but I did notice it was going up over time.  I really didn’t think about it and just assumed it was market forces driving up the electricity rates.  Now fast forward to 2016.  I went to change electrical energy suppliers, and found I was paying over 11.0 cents per kWh.  Those guys had been bumping up my rate slowly over time.  I wasn’t paying attention, and I was being significantly overcharged.  When I switched to my current electrical energy supplier, I saved over 40% on my electricity bill.

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Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – Will I save Money?

electricity maineI hope you save a lot of money.  But I can’t promise the same savings for everyone.  I can’t promise that my organization will have the cheapest Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates.  There are cases where unsuspecting consumers have been mistreated by suppliers.  I understand, because I’ve had that same experience myself.  Here’s what I know from personal experience.  In every case where I’ve investigated another electrical energy supplier, we meet or beat their rates.  There was generally an underlying service charge or fee where electrical energy suppliers had lower rates.

I want your business, but to be fair, I haven’t evaluated every independent electrical energy supplier on the market.  That would be a significant commitment in time and effort considering the number of electrical energy suppliers out there.

I can’t promise you the cheapest Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates. I CAN promise that we’ll be competitive, fair, and reliable.  I guarantee that I will personally take care of your account.

One other issue people have is that their electricity rate increases over time without their knowledge.  They assume the electrical energy supplier is trying to gouge them in the pricing.  In some limited cases, such as in my experience described above, that is definitely the fact.  But I’ve also discovered that some people don’t understand what happens to their Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates over time.  I’m going to explain the process to you because to be forewarned is forearmed.

Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – Variable Rate v. Fixed Rate Plans

electricity maineWhenever you sign up with a service provider, there is a time duration (term) associated with your account.  You “lock in” a fixed Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rate for a period of time.  Your plan may last anywhere from 4 months to 3 years.

At the end of your term, your account automatically transfers to a variable rate plan.  It’s automatic – you will go from a fixed rate to a variable rate plan unless you intervene in advance.  Your Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) will change on a variable rate plan.  The plan changes month to month based upon market dynamics, like supply and demand.  In the winter you may get a really low Maine electricity rate.  In the summer, if it’s hot, you may be paying a very high Maine electricity rate.  The most likely reason for the higher rate is not that the electrical energy supplier trying to gouge you.  It’s more likely that your plan ended and your account transferred over to a variable rate plan.  This change in plan will impact your Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine).

It’s easy to transfer your Maine electricity rate (electricity Maine) plan back to a fixed rate account.  Just go to your electrical energy supplier’s website, typically where you pay your electricity bill online.  They should provide you with the option to select a new Maine electricity rate (electricity Maine) plan.  If not, call your electrical energy supplier and tell them you want to switch to a fixed rate plan.  Finally, set a calendar reminder on your phone or computer to alert you 1 month before your plan ends.  This way you can go back in and select a new Maine electricity rate (electricity Maine) plan before the current term ends.

If you use our provider, we’ll email you a month in advance, before your Maine electricity rate (electricity Maine) plan term ends.

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Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – Which Plan Do I Choose?

electricity maineSo which electricity rate plan is the best plan?  Which plan will give me the best Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates?

Honestly, it’s really up to your own personal preference.  I like the fixed rate plan, because I want to know the rate is going to remain the same for my term.  Others love the variable rate plans.  They believe they get the best Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates when the price is low.  They also believe the cost “averages out” across the year.  It just depends upon your personality and how you like to plan the use of your money.

For the most cost-effective Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates, check out our plans here.

Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – Can I get Free Electricity?

electricity maineCan you get free electricity in Maine?

The answer to that is “Yes.”

The truth is that nothing is really free, and that includes electricity.  With that said, however, it is possible to get your Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates down to $0.00.  Please remember this does not include any charges you pay for T&D.  That charge – whatever it is – will remain the same.  But with my organization, you can get your Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates down to $0.00.

If you refer 10 electricity customers who use our service, your Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates will go to $0.00.  It’s that simple.  Do you know 10 families who use electricity?  Do you think they would like to get their Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates down to $0.00?  Is there really even a question?

Select one of our cost-effective electricity Maine rate plans.  Refer 10 (or more) additional consumers (friends, family, business, etc.) to our website.  They will have to enter your name as the referrer.  You will be refunded the cost of your Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rates once 10 of your referrals sign up for service.  This will continue every month as long as your referrals remain a customer.  You will have “free electricity.”

You may also want to consider the idea of getting paid 10% on all the customers you referred.  You can get paid up to 10% on every referral that uses your Maine electricity service if you are an independent business owner.

Check out our Maine Electricity Service Plans – Residential Service Plans or Business Service Plans.  If you enroll, you will need to enter the email address dtsacn1 @ gmail dot com.

Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – Can I save 10%?

electricity maineYou can get a 10% monthly refund on your electricity Maine bill.

This scenario would apply if you started your own home business, like I did.

I am a big fan of work from home business opportunities.  I am especially fond of making money online – you can read more about the benefits here.  But there are a number of benefits associated with this specific online business. You can get up to 10% of your Maine electricity (electricity Maine) bill refunded back to you each and every month.

Personally, this was an easy choice – no one had to sell me on anything.  I use electricity every day.  I’m going to be paying an electricity bill for the rest of my life.  If I can get a 10% commission on my own electricity bill, why shouldn’t I?

Saving 10% on your Maine electricity (electricity Maine) bill can mean significant savings over time.  If you only saved $50.00 a month, that’s $600.00 per year, or $12,000.00 across 20 years.  Some people have chosen to start their own business based on this benefit alone.

You will also make up to 10% on every customer who uses your Maine electricity (electricity Maine) service.  You start your own home business.  You choose your new Maine electricity (electricity Maine) rate plan.  You refer 10 or more customers to your business because they want free electricity, too.  You get your Maine electricity rates (electricity Maine) down to $0.00.  You make 10% monthly commission for each one of your referrals as long as they remain your electricity Maine customer.  It sounds like a good deal to me, and it’s realistic and feasible.

Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – Please Do Me a Huge Favor

electricity maineThank you so much for your time and consideration.

First, I would like to ask you for a huge favor – please try my service.  I am a real person with a real family, and you won’t be just another account.  My goal is to serve you with integrity and I will do my best to take care of you.  If you don’t like the service, you can always cancel it.

If you are interested in switching to a new electrical energy supplier, please click here – Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine).  You can check out our residential and business energy plans.

Please watch our introductory video here if you think you’d be interested in starting your own business.

Please contact me if you would like any additional information or if you have any question about Maine Electricity (electricity Maine).

You can contact me directly at dtsacn1 @ gmail dot com.

You can look at our business web site here.  You can start your own business from the website if you choose.

Check out our Maine Electricity Service Plans – Residential Service Plans or Business Service Plans.  If you enroll, you will need to enter the email address dtsacn1 @ gmail dot com.

Thank You!

electricity maineAgain, I thank you for taking the time to read this post about Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine).

Please leave a comment below.  Share this article with others if you’ve enjoyed it or learned something while reading it.  I would be very appreciative if you’d like and share this article on Facebook, or Google+.

Thank you again, and I hope to see you as a new customer soon!

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