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NYSEG – New York State Electric and Gas: The Choice is Yours!

NOTE:  NYSEG is an electricity supplier in the State of New York.  I am not affiliated with, nor do I represent, their organization.  I use the term “NYSEG” solely as a search term for this post. NYSEG – The Power of Choice NYSEG.  New York State Electric and Gas. Terms you’ve likely heard before. The citizens […]... Read More
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Join ACN – You Want to Know How to Join ACN?

If you want to know how to join ACN, honestly, it’s a very simple process.  I will go through it with you – it will only take a few minutes.  But before I do that, I thought I’d share a few thoughts with you. Join ACN – A Few Thoughts… I am an Independent Business […]... Read More
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Spy Camera – Because Inquiring Minds Want to Know?

The Spy Camera – Covert Security Cameras The Spy Camera – Is There Really A Need? Our society is fascinated with the idea of having a spy camera.  I make this statement based on the number of searches for the term “spy camera” each month on Google.  I understand the appeal as it draws us […]... Read More
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Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – You Have Choices!

NOTE: Electricity Maine is an electricity supplier in the State of Maine.  I am not affiliated with, nor do I represent, their organization.  I use the term “electricity Maine” solely as a search term for this post. Maine Electricity Rates (electricity Maine) – The Power to Choose It seems like everyone wants lower Maine electricity […]... Read More
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Security Cameras – Affordable, Value-Added Protection

Security Cameras – Protection You Need TODAY! Do you need security cameras?  Think about it.  Every single day, over 5,400 burglaries happen in the United States.  In 2013 alone, burglaries accounted for over $4.5 billion in lost property.  But if you think that only private citizens need to worry about people who wish to do harm, […]... Read More
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Texas Electricity – Choice in the Lone Star State!

Everyone wants the best Texas electricity rate they can get.  Sometimes, when you go with the “cheapest electricity,” the results can be shocking… Texas Electricity – Sometimes Cheaper Isn’t Better Texas electricity – it seems like everyone wants a lower bill.  Indeed, everyone in the entire country prefers lower electricity rates.  Who can blame them?  […]... Read More
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Nanny Cam – Affordable Home Protection for Our Children

Are you ready to learn about the NANNY CAM? Click HERE to Check Out Our Full Range of Security Cameras, Systems, and Products! The Nanny Cam – Shocking Child Abuse Statistics Recently I wrote about home security cameras, so today I want to tackle the Nanny Cam! I am a great fan of the Nanny […]... Read More
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Chicago Electricity – The Choice is Yours!

Chicago Electricity – Do You Want Lower Rates? Chicago electricity – it seems like everyone wants a lower bill.  Indeed, everyone in Illinois, if not the entire country, wants lower electricity rates.  Who can blame them?  Electricity is a commodity that everyone uses and pays for.  It only makes sense to want the cheapest electricity […]... Read More
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Home Security Cameras – New Technology, Benefits, & Affordability

Home Security Cameras: New Technology, Benefits, & Affordability According to the experts at Safeguard the World, two million home burglaries are reported in the United States each year. One break-in occurs on average about every 13 seconds, making this by far the most common threat to our homes.  Home security cameras serve as an active deterrent […]... Read More