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заработок в интернете

заработок в интернете – Right now in Russia there is a significant in interest in the how to generate earnings on the Internet.  Many Russians want to learn how to work on the internet and how to make money online.  I think I can help.

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заработок в интернете – What does the Russian market look like?

заработок в интернетеRight now, there are over 230,745 searches per month related to Russians working or earning money on the Internet.  That’s 7,692 searches per day, 321 searches per hour.  53 Russians performed this search while you’ve reading this post on заработок в интернете.

The bottom line is that there is a huge market and significant interest in online work in Russia.  Right now no one appears to be trying to help.  I am not sure why.  If you are in Russia perhaps you could explain it to me.

заработок в интернете – What can we do?

заработок в интернетеIf you’re Russian and seeking заработок в интернете (earnings on the Internet), I am trying to contact you.  My goal is to create online business opportunities for you.  My interest is in setting up a business organization in Russia.  I need a few passionate, active, and engaged people, who want to be successful at заработок в интернете.

I am looking for 10-12 individuals who will be the leaders in this important area – заработок в интернете.  To do that, I really need Russians who are fluent in English so that we can communicate.  If you are reading this post, then I assume you are fluent in English.

It is important that you can duplicate the methods I use, and teach others to do the same.  One key to success in creating заработок в интернете is to duplicate successful business methods.

заработок в интернете – What is the plan?

заработок в интернетеThe plan is that we work together to be successful.  One of the best ways to create заработок в интернете is with an online business.

My primary goal is to generate multiple streams of income online. I want to assist anyone I can who wants to do the same thing.  If you want to generate заработок в интернете, you are in the right place.

The plan is that you join one online business, and after we build it.to profit you would join another one.  After building the second business to profit, you would join a third, then a fourth, etc.

заработок в интернете – What is the first online opportunity?

заработок в интернетеThe first online business opportunity is called the $10 Dollar System Pro (10DSP).  We market domain names for Global Domains International (GDI).  You may wonder if this is a good business?  The answer is, “Yes, it is.”

EVERY online business MUST have certain things, and one thing every online business MUST HAVE is a domain name.  There will always be a need for domain names, so there will always be a demand for this product.

GDI offers a global network marketing opportunity that is great for creating заработок в интернете.  It is inexpensive to get started, and the company has been around for a long time.  You can be sure that 10DSP and GDI will be around for a long time.

заработок в интернете – How do I get started?

заработок в интернетеThere are several things you need to do to get started to generate заработок в интернете.

  1. You will need a Gmail email address – click here; I recommend Gmail because it is free, and because it provides us the option to communicate by video via Google Hangouts.
  2. You will need a PayPal account – click here. PayPal offers service in Russia.  You can connect your bank account to your PayPal account, and I think you also have the option to use the PayPal debit/credit card.  If you have any issues here, let me know.  But Paypal is the account you need so that GDI can send your commissions to you.
  3. You will need an Aweber email marketing account – click here. This is not the same as your Gmail email account.  The Aweber account is for capturing leads and being able to do automatic follow up with anyone who looks at your business.  You will need an Aweber account to participate in the 10DSP/GDI online business opportunity.  Aweber costs approximately $16.33 USD per month – you pay $49.99 USD per quarter after a free trial period.
  4. You can access the 10DSP/GDI online business opportunity by clicking on this link. You can join as a basic member for $10.00 USD per month, or as a premium member for $50.00 USD per month.

Once you have your Gmail account, your PayPal account, and your Aweber account, you are ready to join 10DSP/GDI.

The overall cost to join this program is approximately $67.00 USD per month as a premium member.  That equals out to a little less than 3,900 Rubles.  Can you afford to invest 3,900 Rubles per month in an online business?

If you can afford to invest $67.00 USD per month into your own business, you should start.

заработок в интернете – Which membership should I choose?

заработок в интернетеYou need to join the 10DSP/GDI business opportunity.

If possible, you should become a premium member for the greatest заработок в интернете.  You also need to set the example as the leader for anyone who enters your organization.  It is hard to expect your down-line to join as premium members if you won’t.

As a basic member, you will earn $1.00 USD per month per member.  That means you will need to sponsor 10 members to cover your monthly GDI membership.  You will need to sponsor at least 27 members to cover both GDI and Aweber.

As a premium member, you will earn $15.00 USD per member (plus $5.00 USD per member for your down-line through 5 levels).  If you have 4 premium members, your premium membership is paid for.  If you have 6 premium members, your premium membership and your Aweber account is paid for and you’re making a profit.  My goal is that each leader in the organization have 10-12 premium members, and I will help you get there.

I work on a first come – first served basis.  I will personally help the first 10-12 individuals who join the 10CDP/GDI opportunity as premium members.  I will help you market your business so that you can become profitable as soon as possible.  That is my commitment to you if you join as a premium member.

заработок в интернете – Thank you and I hope to see you soon.

заработок в интернетеI will be notified if you join the 10DSP/GDI business opportunity.  I will be in contact with you when I receive the notification.

I hope to see and hear from you soon.  I sincerely look forward to meeting you and learning more about your situation in Russia.

I am hopeful that we both can have a long and prosperous relationship.

You can contact me at dtsacn1 @ gmail dot com.

Thank you for reading our post about заработок в интернете.  Please leave your comments below.

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